Simply Me

Since such a young age i have been so amazed and attracted to the different styles and different effects created by arranging furniture/ accessories and interior designing, ranging from a lovely shop window to a luxurious hotel on my wonderful summer holidays. To me its like going on a magical adventure while decorating or creating something no matter what the size of the project.

I am just starting off my career in Interior Design, since the age of 13 i have been a hairdresser longing for the perfect opportunity for me to begin. I am so excited for what the future has to hold for me and my career as I have so many different ideas and paths that i want to take and experience but they are all related to Interior Design. I am a keen sewer so hopefully one day i will have my own range of home accessories as well as my own Interior Company for business and homes. My blog is my way of expressing my feeling ad connecting to get helpful tips and feedback with other people that are too experiencing the same journey as me or that have already experienced it and then can help me on my decisions and choice that i make.

I’m so looking forwards to connecting with everybody and getting to learn you ideas and feeling for Interior design.




4 thoughts on “Simply Me

  1. Hi there! thanks for visiting my blog and the like, I have just looked through yours and it looks very interesting, I really like what you did to up-cycle that chest of drawers!
    all the best

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