Everything Makes You Stronger

It’s been a while since the last time I posted on here updating you guys on what I’ve been doing but the truth is I’ve had quite a hard time the past few weeks .
I have been applying for small jobs and projects just to build up my experience and portfolio. But nobody is willing to give me experience because I am self taught ! All businesses seem to be pushed off diplomas and degrees but why should a degree defy your ability…
So I have an idea! My business I’ve thrived to build is going give people experience that they need! Being self employed to me shows determination and a deep down love to keep you learning and beginning new things by yourself !

I’m here to stand up and make a change! Everybody deserves a chance ! Whether you have learnt in a classroom or learnt yourself!
If you have the ability and love then you’ll be amazing no matter where you built up your research and ideas!

I hope I can help others get experience and changes as much as I’m helping myself !
Much Love ❤


Starting Up Selling

So guys in selling a few little bits in eBay a lovely vintage Italian crate and a antique chest of drawers with original handles and a signature underneath of its original maker ! It’s beautiful ! There such a bargin aswell both on auction !

Head over and see what you think ! Much more picture on my eBay site it’s Ngarner3192 search me !
Much Love ❤️