It’s Been A While

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog, while I haven’t been on here I’ve been engrossed in the world of my book. It was called Starting Your Career as an Interior Designer by Robert K. Hale & Thomas L. Williams. It was amazing, if your in the same situation as me taking a complete new change in your career and starting of by yourself it perfect, it will help you with everything you need whether it be how to start of successfully, how to work with clients and how to maximize your list of clients and also the best ways the feel to price and how to understand your prices and allow your clients to understand your pricing frame. It is also good for people that are already in the industry and are just in a little ruff patch or are loosing interest, it will bring you back to that happy place and give you the bug to get going again. I have been addicted to it that I have whizzed threw it in a week (which I have never done before).

I have learnt so much from it, I have had different understanding from previous things I have read like different blogs, book and watching videos but this seemed to fit how I was feeling and bring my inspiring ideas into a context where I know how I can now change them from a thought to a action clearly, quickly and successful. I loved it.

Also while I have been away I have done a small project that was just revamping an old vintage crate that was ready to go in the bin but had so much things that could be done with it. Now its beautiful, its come back to life and make a beautiful flower pot and also a amazing foot puff. I am so proud of it, its so cute and quirky. I will upload a picture of it later and show you guys.

Let me know if you decide to read the book also and tell me how you fell about it. If anyone is in need of a little boost then I hope this can help yous!

Much Love ❤


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