Beauty In The Bathrooms

For me my bathroom in my sanctuary and my privacy.  No only does is it cleansing to me but its de-stressing.  Creating a perfect sanctuary for you help you be able to leave your stresses at the door and come out feeling clear minded, rejuvinated and revived.  I am such a big beleiver of bathing,  a ceremony of cleansing following by relaxation in a hottub.  Wether you prefer bathing like i do or a long invigorating shower, your bathroom should always be as luxurious and beautiful as possible to come out feeling as pampered as possible. 


i am inlove with bathrooms that are like temples, luxurious mixes of cool stones and different lightning … a beautiful temple of netural colours.  Different lightening and textures of accesories is key to creating different feelings.  a duller lighting setting is perfect for youre relaxig times and adding lots of different textures with towels baskets even just a vase of stones brings all things together and that calms outside feel in.  It all works beautiful.

Give it ago and le me know how you feel.

Much Love ❤

photo (2)



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