Amazed By Abigail

So guys .. is anyone else so mazed by Abigail Aherns Debenhams line as much as me?  I am completely inlove with it,  I have purchased the the hare lamp and it looks beautiful and also i have jazzed up a lonely grey couch i had with all the fun colour pillows accessorises that she has produces (epically the animal shaped pillows).

However I am so sad that i cant purchase the bison head.. I love it but i just cant seem to find a space in my home that it would look perfect.

She is a complete inspiration, she is a amazing interior goddess, a brilliant teacher of what she knows and has learnt and also an inspiration because she is so determined everything she puts her effects into is a complete success because she gives it her all!

I am obsessed with this line ad i’m sure every other line that she creates will be just as magical!

Thank You Abigail For Providing This! Everyone Check It Out!

Much Love ❤

photo (1)



2 thoughts on “Amazed By Abigail

  1. Yes I love her stuff – I have the bison head and it’s gorgeous !
    Was lucky enough to go to her house last week too as went to the design school day which I can totally recommend x


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