So I Have A Obsession

So last week I was watching a program and it gave me a idea about restoring old used furniture.. So I started shopping about and looked on eBay! There was a perfect cabinet, used and all scratched and ruined because it had just been abounded so I brought it. Therefore when it arrived it was in a little worse state then I expected, so I sanded it down using a hand held electric sander instead of just sand paper and left it to stand over night so all the left over dust would either fall off or get blown off, I then painted it all over in a pure white colour because I knew the colour of the wood would shine threw so it’s made the white look as if it is a off white and slightly used… Because it was all scratched and didn’t over the top I was hoping that once it was painted it would all blend together but it never really went so smoothly. Then I had a brainwave when I woke up in the morning i received a email saying a local department store was having a flash sail and there I had it .. A brilliant idea that was about to create and amazing piece of furniture.. Shopping around in the store I spotted the perfect wallpaper… Yes wallpaper covering the top and once I had finished it was absolutely beautiful the paint an paper complimented each other so well ! Also when I was at the store a brought new handles for the drawers, they set it off so well they made it look so classical !
I can not wait to do my next project… And here is a picture of the finished project



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